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Apex scoring system


Apex scoring system is an AI powered startup that analyzes customer data to bring data driven initiatives to large companies. They had a manual process in analyzing customer behavior that was moved into code, which is their online product.


  • With all of the data that Apex had in their databases, they needed a front-end to display this data in a user friendly way. This involved analyzing the designs, in order to understand the best way to display this data. The designs involved interactive charts and graphs.
  • In addition, Apex had a tight deadline, as there was a set of large client demos planned
    to view the new front-end application.
  • We had to quickly understand the needs of the application, and put together a front-end
    architecture that was quick to develop, and could handle the needs of a data driven


  • After evaluating the designs, we decide on a light front-end framework (Vue.js), a charting library (Chart.js) and a methodology that most of the application logic would reside on the back-end.
  • Vue.js being a light front-end framework, allowed us as developers to quickly develop the application, while knowing that we will not run into any technical bottlenecks.
  • These technical choices, in addition to careful planning, allowed us to finish the application a week before the client demos. Which Apex went onto successfully complete.


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