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Stay is an online marketplace that enables guests to rent vacation properties from high-quality hosts. Stay has thousands of properties located throughout Canada and the US on their platform. The growing Stay community has endorsements from Canadian Real Estate moguls such as Scott Mccgiverly.


Stay Inc needed a re-write of the front-end software architecture as the application had issues that prevented users from publishing properties. The previous architecture also led to slow development times as developers didn’t have a clear outline on how to build their features.


We took a step back and examined the key issues affecting Stay Inc’s front-end architecture. With these issues outlined, we created a plan of action to drastically re-design the architecture. We began by removing legacy code from the system, which reduced the codebase size by 30%.

We then focused on building a modular pattern, so that parts of the application can easily be changed without breaking the rest of the app. This process took a few months, but we were able to completely change the architecture of the application.


The new architecture pattern allowed developers to quickly integrate into the project and understand how features should be built. When issues occurred, it became easy to track down bugs as we could identify which layer of the app the issue arises from. These updates allowed us to better estimate new features, develop features faster, and reduce bugs.


Technical Consulting

Technical Consulting

We will understand your business goals, and review your technical setup to meet those goals.

We provide technical expertise to ensure your software aligns with your business goals.

Legacy System Rebuilds

Legacy System Rebuilds

We modernize old and inefficient software systems.

Scoping and discovery workshops

Scoping and discovery workshops

We offer workshops to understand your business and how software can improve it.

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