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Why order your imports in React.js?

Ever opened up a React.js component file and the first thing you see are imports that look like this: (Note this example is using Next.js)     I know I have. Immediately I wonder what is going on and what is actually used in the component. React.js applications provide us with a lot of benefits. […]

Why Structure our React.js components?

React gives us a lot of flexibility with how we create our components. We are able to bunch as much logic as we want into them and as long as we return JSX they will work. An important part of programming is the maintainability and readability of our code. Because no program is perfect – […]

What is React.js

React.js is a JavaScript based library used to build user-interfaces (UI’s) on the web. It provides functionality that allows software developers to build interactive and scalable UI’s. It does this by providing features that improve the developer experience. This includes an API that allows us to easily manipulate data on the front-end without having to […]